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Feb 6, 2017

Teachers Pay Teachers Be Mine SALE & GIVEAWAY!

     Teacher friends, It's that wonderful time of year again!
It is almost time for a Teachers Pay Teachers Statewide SALE! It's beginning TONIGHT at 9 PST and going on until the 8th!  

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Here are some new/seasonal resources that you may want to check out during the sale! 

Valentine's Day - Love Bug Valentines
Love Bug Letters

Valentine's Day Activities
February Fun Pack

American Revolution - Events Leading up to the Revolutiona
**NEW American Revolution - 
Leading up to the Revolutionary PowerPoint

 **NEW American Revolution - 
Leading up to the Revolutionary Interactive Notebook

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Jan 2, 2017

Chinese New Year STEM Challenges 2017!

Chinese New Year STEM 2017!
Rooster Themed STEM Challenge Ideas

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and with it comes a world of opportunities to incorporate STEM activities into the classroom that can directly tie in to the season. There are countless fun science, technology, engineering, and math activities to do with your upper elementary kids that will really get their brains going this winter season!

Flying Rooster Challenge
Students compete to design a paper airplane that flies the furthest distance. Students must complete three trials of this task, measuring the distance of each trial, Students do not have to use all the supplies but they are not allowed to use anything that is not listed below.  (scroll down to the end of the resource to view) 

Outside resource on to how to fold paper airplanes: http://bit.ly/2ivMiE2

***For materials and more challenge information, scroll down to the end of the post! 

Chicken Coop Challenge 
In groups of 3-4, students must construct a chicken coop plan that would be functional for hens if built to size.  The coop must contain roosting poles, (poles for the chickens to sleep on), a space for a nest box, a feeding area, and a chicken run. Students must complete this change in 3 days, allowing for glue to dry if needed.  

***For materials and more challenge information, scroll down to the end of the post! 

Egg Drop Challenge: 
Students must design a contraption that will protect their egg when dropped 8 feet from the ground. Students will have an hour and thirty minutes to plan and build their contraption

***Advice: Try to build as much of your contraption as possible without using the egg to prevent it from breaking before the drop test. If students break an egg, they will lose a trial. 

***For materials and more challenge information, scroll down to the end of the post!

Integrating seasonal activities into the classroom can sometimes be tricky with Upper Elementary grade levels, but with STEM, celebrating Chinese New Year will be a blast!


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