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Oct 23, 2014

Get Crafty this Halloween!

Pumpkins, Bats, and Craftivities, Oh My!

     Last weekend, my cousin and I got together at my house Friday and we painted pumpkins! Yep, this is what I did on a Friday night... and nope, I don’t have kids. :) Not only was I simply getting in the Halloween spirit, but I’m also planning for my wedding next November. I’m thinking about using pretty pumpkins as décor for our wedding. My fiancé and I are getting married at a BARN! So with a barn/rustic themed wedding, how cool would painted pumpkins be in our wedding colors?
Here's a little collage of our pumpkins... not bad huh?

It was so easy! We used a metallic spray paint for our base color and then used acrylic paint, glitter blast spray paint, and colored spray paint. For embellishments we used ribbon and painted push pins.

Here are the products we used:
This was our base color. This stuff coats the pumpkin so well! It looks as if your pumpkin was made of solid gold. So fun!

The glitter blast gives your pumpkin that extra sparkle! It layers really well with the metallic gold base.

These are the spray paint colors we used. The acrylic sealer we used at the very end to prevent our pumpkins from peeling or losing color (especially during the rainy weather!)  

 I recommend only using spray paints, the acrylic paint tended to peel more. But for touch ups and while using the sealer, you can use this brand of acrylic paint as well on your pumpkins!
I found all of these paint supplies at Michaels for a very reasonable price.
Aside from pumpkin painting, I've also been designing Craftivities for students!
I designed a fun craftivity where students can design their very own Haunted House! 
It's easy for students to create little window flaps so each room can be decorated.
The writing activity included is a sensory poem.
 As visitors walks through the haunted house, the students describe what the visitor touches, hears, smells, etc. Students can get wild with brainstorming and creating themed rooms occupying witches, goblins, and other creepy creatures!
 for everything your students need to make a haunted house craftivity, click the link below:

After creating the haunted house, I was on a craftivity roll.
 I wanted to create a fun, batty craftivity for Halloween. This bat craftivity has a fun fact sheet as well so students can learn all about bats before they get started on their craft! I never knew bats could live around 20-25 years! Or that they use their thumbs to steer when they are flying!
Meet Midnight the bat!
For writing prompts, outlines, and everything your students need to make their own bat craftivity, click the link below.


OK! Last but not least, my fiancé got his crafty on too. He carved a pumpkin the night my cousin and I were painting pumpkins. If you can guess who he carved in the comment box below, I will award you with a Haunted House or Bat Craftivity!!!  

Who is this guy??
 Comment below and receive a free craftivity!

Still looking for more Halloween resources? Check out: Halloween Activities Pack!

Oct 9, 2014

My 1st Blog Post!! - Welcome!

WOW! - First let me just say, I'm VERY excited to show off this cool blog design. A big thanks to Melanie from! She was able to make my blog vision a reality.  :)She's incredible to work with!

Hi and welcome! I'm so glad you stopped by. You're in luck because in celebration of my new blog, I wanted to host a GIVEAWAY!

Out of the 5 classroom themes descriptions below, post your favorite one!
-Nautical/Ocean Theme - colors blue, pink, and white
-Busy Bee Theme - colors yellow, black, and white
-Monster Madness Theme - green and purple
-All Star Sports Theme - brown, green, and red
-Fabulous Fall Theme - neutral/fall colors
Post your favorite theme and maybe a comment about yourself! :)
Enter below to win!
a Rafflecopter giveaway


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