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Jan 11, 2015

Science Trading Card Mania!

Hi teacher friends!
      So for a while now I’ve been designing this type of product that I’m obsessed over… they are educational trading cards! There are many fantastic ways to implement them in your classroom. My sister’s 3rd grade classroom used the biome card set for a lesson and the kids had such a blast learning about unique animal and plant adaptations!

Here are some creative ideas for students to implement trading cards into their learning:

1.      Trading animal card games for students – Which animal has the best adaptations to survive the cold? What about the scorching desert? Who can build the strongest team of animals from all different parts of the earth?

2.      Make-believe Martians! What kind of crazy aliens can students come up with after studying the planets? Since Neptune is an icy gas giant, what if there were giant ice creatures?

3. Creative Journal Writing Assign students a card. Have them study that animal or planet and report what they learned in their journals.

4. Have students create a moon journal. Have them go home and study the moon. When they come back to class, they are able to report which phases they recognize!

5. Formation games. Aligning the planets in a row or the moon phases in the correct order!

6.  Because the cards are downloaded as a PDF, you are able to create as many sets as you want in your classroom! Just print, cut, and laminate! You could have a classroom set in which you allow students to take home and research!  You could create a research project!

7.  Let students come up with their own card games and rules! This gives your students the chance to use their creativity and problem solving skills!

8.  Around the World!  Grab a map and see if students can place where each animal belongs on the map!

9. Pros & Cons  What are the pros and cons of each planet? Even though we know Earth is the only planet that can sustain life, what if we were forced to move to another planet? What would need to change? What would be the pros and cons of living there?

10.  I’m thinking of.. Students can play in pairs and try to guess what card the other student is holding after giving clues and descriptions.. This is also a great way for students to test their new knowledge!

These are just some creative ideas for students to implement trading cards into their learning! Click below to find out more about available science trading cards!


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