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Jan 15, 2015

Valentine's Day Activities & FREEBIES!

Valentine’s Day Activities and FREEBIES!

Stumped on what to do for Valentine’s Day in your classroom this year? Here are some little-to no-prep activities to enjoy with your students!
Students can make their own Valentine's Day Cards! Here's a simple and easy FREEBIE for students to design Valentines to pass out to their friends on V-day!

Read “The Biggest Valentine Ever” by Steven Kroll – An adorable story about friends coming together to make the biggest, best valentine ever!
After reading "The Biggest Valentine Ever",  have your class make their own biggest Valentine based on the book!
Make sure students all contribute a little something to make this giant valentine special! 

Set up a Scavenger Hunt based around Valentine’s Day! Here are some ideas for the students to find around the classroom!
               -a book with a heart on it
               -a book with the word “love” in it,
               -a lovebird or a lovebug (could be any bird or bug)
               -a red or pink crayon
               -words that rhyme with love
               -words that start with V.
               -a friendship bracelet (hopefully someone is wearing one! :) )
               -something that is shaped like a heart 

Write poetry with your students!  Here is a acronym FREEBIE poem to get you started! Click here for sensory and haiku Valentine's Day poetry!


Turn on some Valentine’s day music and just free paint!
Find songs about friendship, love, and giving.. One of my favorite songs of all time “You’ll Be in My Heart” from the movie Tarzan!
Here are some other great Valentine's Day themed songs:
You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Randy Newman
Lean on Me – Bill Withers
Bruno Mars – Count On Me
Make pink and red play-dough with your students!
Here’s a really easy recipe:
6 cups flour
3 cups salt
6 cups water
6 Tablespoons veggie oil
3 Tablespoon cream of tartar
Red liquid food coloring
**JUST FOR FUN - add ROSE scented oil! BONUS - Your classroom will smell wonderful too! :)
 Be sure to bring heart shaped cookie cutters!

Read “Pinkalicious: Pink of Hearts” by Victoria Kann. This book is great for Kinder through 2nd Grade level students. The illustrations are gorgeous in the Pinkalicious series!

Design Valentine’s Day gifts for families! Hand prints shaped into a heart makes a very beautiful gift for loved ones!

 Design letters, cards, and Valentines for friends and loved ones!
 Check it out here!

This resource includes letters, written gifts, and Valentines for students and their friends! Let your students explore the true meaning of friendship with these creative writing assignments!
These activities also make great gifts and crafts for Valentine's Day! There are Valentine cards included for students to hand out on V-Day as well as cards to color in or make your own.

Read “Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink” by Diane deGroat
Gilbert writes not-so-nice Valentine’s Day cards to his classmates and his prank goes terribly wrong. Find out what happens to poor Gilbert!

BINGO Play February themed BINGO! Here is a fun Bingo FREEBIE!
Have students copy down Valentine ’s Day words in the bingo squares. Cut another copy of the words into strips and draw from bowl. Read them aloud as students place conversation hearts on the squares. The first student to get all five in a row (straight  across, up or down, or diagonal) wins the game!
Here’s a list of February Bingo words:
admirer, heart,
 doves, sweetheart,
 roses, kisses, letter, angel, friendship,
 crush, cupid,
enamored, be mine, charmed,
lovebirds, Valentine,
 girlfriend, candy,
 date. boyfriend, lovely, flirt,
February, chocolate

Celebrate Valentine's Day all month long with February Fun Pack!
Your students will love completing this activity packet!
This resource includes fun writing activities, poetry (haiku, acronym, sensory), math activities, bingo, create your own "Love Bug" creative writing, silly sentences, and much more!)
Find it here!
I hope you found some fantastic ways to enjoy Valentine's Day with your students!


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