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Feb 5, 2015

Celebratory Freebies, Motivation, and my TpT Journey!

Hey everyone,
     This week was quite the adventure!
 It began Sunday. I didn't get any sleep that night, the reason being my phone was blowing up with email notifications.
                    First at 2am. then 2:04.. 2:10... 2:15...
                               It just kept going, and going.
Even though I didn't figure it out at the time, it was also accompanied by a "cha-ching!!" sound..

Sellers on TpT, you know the glorious sound ;)

     Of course when you're half asleep you don't think to simply turn your phone on silent. And you're way too out of it to check and see what on earth is happening. So I just deal. Then at 5:30 I was finally awake enough to check. They were all from Teachers Pay Teachers, notifying me that my products were selling. Well, mostly one in particular.

    It was my Music Around the World product, the one that I spent weeks creating and revising. I even had my friend and music expert, Kim from MusicTeacherResoures carefully edit the resource unit.
     It didn't sell immediately but once I start promoting on various social medial sites, it quickly picked up speed. It quickly climbed up my product listings to my top selling product.
But selling at 2 in the morning?!? 3am?! And the amount of sales? It was unusual. So I scroll up my email and check the thing I am suspecting.

I held my breath and crossed my fingers.

Sure enough, it was there. After months of submitting my work to the TpT newsletter, my product had been featured!

    My poor fiance. Even though it was 5am on a Sunday, there was no way I could wait until I reasonable hour to tell him He thought something was very wrong. Maybe it was the way I shook him screaming, "Babe! Babe!"

    After I told him, he still didn't seem all that impressed. But by the end of the day and countless cha-chings later, he indeed was.

This year, I have an endless amount of things to be thankful for.
I'm experiencing one of the rare moments in life where everything is falling right into place and I know I'm right where I need to be.

I found the man of my dreams whom I'm marrying this November. :)

I also have my TpT journey.

After I was picked for the newsletter, I somehow wanted to give back. But just another classroom freebie wouldn't be enough. I wanted something that would motivate teachers and students, each and every day.

I've always been a fan of positive affirmations and motivational quotes. I love reading self-improvement books (I guess technically they're called "self-help" but "self improvement" sounds nicer :P)

So I decided to create a product that compiled all my favorite quotes and affirmations. Some are teaching related, some just make me feel inspired.

But I wanted to share them with you. Whether you are a blogger, friend, teacher, entrepreneur, teacherpreneur, or all of the above, these quotes are for you.

Download the 10 motivational quotes by clicking here!

Always stay inspired and follow your dreams!



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