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Mar 19, 2015

Bring Spring into the Classroom!

Hi teacher friends,
Spring is just around the corner! I'm more than ready for changes in the weather! If you're like me, you want your class to enjoy the upcoming season as well!

Here are some fun spring activities and ideas to get you and your students ready for spring!

1. Earth day - Taking action! 
Is there a cause that your students are passionate about? Do they care about the endangerment of species or the harmful effects of global warming? Brainstorm a cause that students want to work together for to create a change in the world. Decide steps that you and your students will take to help support that cause. 

2. Beautiful Butterfly hand art!
 Students paint colorful designs right onto their hands! They can practice symmetry with color and design!

3. Activities that show changes in the weather!

There are exciting changes happening in the weather (unless you have allergies, then it's not so exciting!)  It's fun to learn how and why weather changes occur. Here are fun art projects and booklets to go along with science weather units!  

Click here to create a weather mobile with your students!
Here is "My Weather & Seasons Book"! 

4. Classroom garden - plant flowers with your students!
Do you have a space in your school to plant flowers? Planting with your students is a great way to spend time outdoors and appreciate nature! 

5. Hatching butterflies!
Photo by Patti licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.

Watch the life cycle in action with your students! Have a Live Butterfly Garden kit in your classroom so students can observe the different stages of the butterfly! 

6.  Flower crafts!
This was a sensory craft that my students made. They rolled marbles around in paint on construction paper. After it dried, they cut the paper into a tulip shape.

7. Baby animal activities!

During spring, baby animals are being born! The life cycle is happening all around us. Who doesn't love learning about adorable newborns? Here is a resource that has task card questions involving baby animals.  

8. Life cycle activities
Life cycles are usually included in curriculum around springtime. There are many different life cycles to study, popular ones including - frog, plants, chicken, butterfly... An easy way to learn life cycles is to have cards students arrange in the correct order with descriptions on the back. 
Life Cycle Resources: 
Life Cycle of a Sea Turtle Activities
Life Cycle of the Butterfly Activities
Life Cycle of Frog Trading Cards
Life Cycle of Chicken Trading Cards
Life Cycle of Butterfly Trading Cards

9. Easter art projects!

Depending on grade level, students may enjoy creating Easter art! Below is an Easter bunny craftivity. You can find this resource here! The writing prompt says "If I were the Easter bunny, I would decorate my eggs with..." "I would put ____________ inside them." "I would hide my eggs ___________________."

Click here for Easter Bunny Craftivity!

10. Easter Egg Hunt! Outside or in the classroom

Here are some photos from when I taught preschool age students. They had a blast finding eggs on the playground. An Easter egg hunt in the classroom would be just as fun! With older students you could even put rewards in the eggs such as "10 minutes of free play" or "Free word on the next spelling test!" ;) 

11. Activities & gifts for Mother's Day! 

There are TONS of cute gifts that you can create for moms. Poems, handprints, letters, crafted flowers..
Here are resources for Mother's Day - Letters to my Mother Activity Gift Pack
                                                             Poetry & Creative Writing Gift Pack

12. Nature Walk & Journaling -  Exploration!

Here is a nature journal that my students created just from a stick, leaves, and cardboard!! 

13. Listen to nature sounds. Sing songs about nature!

When students first walk through the door in the morning or during independent time, they can listen to calming nature sounds! This helps with focus and relaxation! 


Write below spring activities that you are most excited about using in the classroom!


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