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Mar 30, 2015

How to THRIVE as a Substitute Teacher!

substitute teacher 

We often don't consider how great being a substitute teacher can be! It's hard when you feel like your life is in limbo waiting the next teaching job to come along. But whether you're trying to land your dream job or trying to just survive your first few weeks of subbing, here are a few things that may cheer you up.

       Subbing is fantastic for a few reasons:

A big one is that you are able to just enjoy the students for the day, not having to worry too much about parents, conferences, or other sometimes stressful things that go along with being a teacher.

Unless you are in a long term sub assignment, if you have a TERRIBLE day you don't have to come back...  EVER!

YOU are doing the school a huge favor. Usually, everyone is happy you are there to save the day when one of their teachers is out sick.

Primary students are infinitely curious about a new sub. Usually the teacher has prepared them to be on their best behavior. They are excited you are coming in. :)

If you come into the classroom confident and with your emergency toolkit (including your bag of tricks) most likely you have a fantastic day no matter what happens.

So are you ready to be a ROCKSTAR sub?? Just read the FREE tips below and you'll be ready!

substitute teaching freebie

substitute teacher resources

subbing resources

Don't forget! -  Always leave a note behind to tell the teacher how your day in the classroom went! Here are 3 FREE themed "While You Were Out" sheets!

sub freebies

Last but not least, here is the ULTIMATE substitute survival kit. This ultimate kit has everything you need and much more to not only survive, but THRIVE and have fun while substitute teaching!
This product is provided in a binder format where you can just print and use on the go for your subbing needs! There are 120 pages of activities, tips, checklists, resources, themed notes for the teacher and more!
substitute ultimate survival kit

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