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Mar 1, 2015

Unique St Patty's Day Classroom Ideas!

Racking your brain over what to do in the classroom this St. Patty's Day? Here are some fun St Patty's Day activities to implement in the classroom!

1. Creative writing prompts in March
Every morning in March have your students answer a creative writing question!
Here are some ideas to get you started:
       "Today is your lucky day! You found a lucky clover. What are four wishes you would like to come true?"

      "What would you do if you had a pot of gold?"

       "How would you trick a sneaky leprechaun into giving you all his gold?"

       "What is a trinket or item you find to be lucky and why?"

2. Get out the fiddles and bagpipes! Listen to the music of Ireland!
When students come in during the morning or during quiet independent work, they can listen to serene and beautiful Celtic songs!
This video on youtube offers 2 HOURS of instrumental Celtic study music! I'm listening to it as I write this blog post! Check it out! © All music composed by Adrian von Ziegler.

3. Have students design a leprechaun trap!
Have students brush up on their knowledge of simple machines. Brainstorm to come up with a unique machine that will trap those sneaky leprechauns! Here is a resource that contains pages to help brainstorm a leprechaun trap!

4. Irish Folklore
Did you know there are tons of great Irish folktales and mythology? You students will love learning about Irish myths and folklore.

5. I Spy... Green! (Around the Room!)
Have students take a clipboard and write in ABC order things that they find in the classroom that are green!

6. Rainbow cupcakes!
All you need is:
     -Airhead rainbow belts
     -Rolo Candies
     -Gold sprinkles
     -Marshmallow frosting
     -cupcake mix
      -green frosting
Follow the cupcake mix directions as instructed. Wait until they are cooled to add green frosting. Then decorate with the Airhead rainbow belt and marshmallow frosting holding it into place. Top with the rolo candy as the pot of gold! Fill the pot of gold with gold sprinkles.

7. Design a Scavenger hunt for all things green
Think like a leprechaun trickster! Write riddles for your students to solve. At the end of the hunt, a large pot of gold awaits!

additional resource:

Photo Credit - Photos purchased from Dollar Photo Club


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