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Apr 20, 2015

Sub Tub, Sub Binder, and Freebies!

substitute resources
How many times have you heard teachers say that it is more work to plan for a sub and easier to just "tough it out" while being sick?

Instead, teachers should be thinking....

It shouldn't have to be that difficult to plan for a sub! If you have the right resources and plans to help your sub get through the day, planning should be a breeze! It may take an hour or so to set it up initially, but do it NOW while you are still healthy! You'll be so happy you did when you can't get out of bed!

Listen to Ryan and make a promise to take some time for YOURSELF! Your students will understand ;)

Here are FREEBIES to get you started towards building your own Sub Binder and Sub Tub!

FREEBIE #1 How Was Your Day?
Be sure to leave this in your sub binder so you can receive feedback on how the day went with the sub! Before the sub even comes in, you can inform students that she (or he) will be filling this out and marking which students "went above and beyond" and which students "needed reminders."
substitute freebie

FREEBIE #2 Need Assistance? Helpful Contacts for Substitutes
Remember that this may be the first time the sub has ever stepped foot on your campus! It would be kind of you to leave names, phone numbers, and room numbers of helpful contacts that they may need to get ahold of during the day.

sub tub freebie

FREEBIE #3 List of Activities for Early Finishers
It can be a struggle for subs to know what to do next after students whip through an assignment. Give them a clue by leaving a list of activities for early finishers.
sub plans

FREEBIE #4 Number of the Day
Number of the day takes ZERO prep work and makes for great morning work!
sub binder

FREEBIE #5 Word of the Day
Word of the day takes ZERO prep work and makes for great morning work!
substitute binder

Substitute Resources
Don't forget Ryan's words of wisdom! You should take time to create a Sub Binder and Sub Tub full of activities!

sub tub and sub binder

The Worry-Free Sub Binder & Sub Tub keeps everything organized with a binder and tub full of materials! The binder includes everything to make you (and your subs!) lives easier! The zip file contains an editable version of Sub Binder & Sub Tub! There are two files in the download. If you want to edit text, you can do so in the PowerPoint file! If you want to just print and go, you can use the PDF version as well!
sub tub and sub binder
Download the Worry-Free Sub Binder & Sub Tub Here!

Need activities to fill your Sub Binder & Sub Tub? This resource has no prep, printable emergency plans for your sub! It is designed for teachers who need INSTANT plans when they are too sick to plan! Or if you need extra ideas to already laid out plans, this is a great resource as well.
sub plans no prep

And last but not least, if you REALLY want to take Ryan's advice and enjoy days off from work (ahem, I mean getting better) , I would plan on using the Sub Resource BUNDLE! This contains everything you need - The No Prep Sub plans, the Sub Binder & Sub Tub, and also Behavior Management resources for your Substitute!

Enjoy and Feel Better Soon! ;)


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