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May 13, 2015

End of the Year Art & Summer Projects!

Hi Everyone! 
     With the end of the year in sight, is your class struggling to maintain focus? Do you need a few extra fun art projects to get you through the end of the year? Here are some cute ideas to keep your students entertained before the year is over! 

Glam Jellyfish!
Check out this glamorous jellyfish!
Supplies you'll need: 

-silver pipe cleaner
-neon green ribbon
-dark blue ribbon
-blue streamers or light blue ribbon
-two black buttons or beads
-plastic blue bowl
***the plastic bowl I used for this project was from Party City in the color, "Caribbean Blue"***

Directions to Make Glam Jellyfish:
1. Using either Elmer's glue or a hot glue gun, glue rhinestones all around the bottom and sides of bowl. 
2.  Glue the black eyes on the side of the bowl.
3. Take silver pipe cleaner and wrap it around a ruler to create a spiral pattern. 
3. Using a hot glue gun, glue the end of the pipe cleaner onto the inside of the bowl. 
4. Glue strips of ribbon to the inside of the bowl. Cut to the length you would like the tentacles to be. 
5. Hot-glue string to the top of the bowl, using a rhinestone to hold it in place.

End of the Year STEM! 
This resource has science, technology, engineering, and measurement activities to do with your elementary kids that will really get their brains going during the end of the school year!
The STEM Challenges include a Mini Golf Course (Hole in One) Challenge. Students must design a Mini Golf course that can be successfully completed in one stroke (a hole in one!). They must also craft a putter. Certain types of angles and obstacles in the course are required in their design.)
Also includes a Balloon Rocket Car Challenge, and a Trampoline Challenge! Check it out here! 

Crafty Watermelon!
Supplies you'll need: 
-pink tissue paper squares
-glue sticks 
-red tissue paper squares 
-black paper
-cotton balls
-green scraps
-green buttons 
-green paper
-dark green paper

Directions to Make Watermelon Craft:
1. Have students cut green paper into half moon shape. 
2. Spread and glue down pink and red tissue paper squares to fill most of the crescent, leaving space for green outer layer
3. Peel apart cotton balls to create a rim between the green outer layer and the inside of the watermelon
4. Cut out triangles from the dark green paper. Glue onto the outer layer of watermelon. Glue on green buttons with the triangles. 
5. Cut seeds out of black paper and glue inside watermelon. 

If you want an extension to this project, check out this Summer craftivity freebie where students can create a lemonade drink with their watermelon! 
It also has simile writing to go along with it! 

Under the Sea Craftivity!
"Under the Sea" Craftivity includes a written sensory poem as well!

Noodle Sun Art!

Supplies you'll need: 
-tube or spiral noodles
-yellow and orange paint or foodcoloring 
-red tissue paper squares 
-yellow tissue paper squares
-orange tissue paper squares
-black paper

1. Either paint or drop the noodles into food coloring. Take them out and let them dry. (This may take up to three hours).
2. Have students cut out a circle on their black paper. 
3. Glue the yellow, red, and orange tissue paper squares to fill in the circle.
4. When dry, glue the noodles around the circle to create the sun. 

ART Around the World! 
Include art and multicultural fun into the classroom! 
Students will read & learn about the art history from Africa, Italy, Japan, India, Mexico, and China! 

They will discover common art elements & themes from each location and famous artworks in history. 
"What I Learned" recall & writing pages as well as "Exploring Artwork" homework pages are included.
 Fun art projects featuring common elements and themes from each location are implemented in this resource! 

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This bundle includes everything you need (and much more!) to have a fantastic end to the year! 

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