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Jun 17, 2015

Class Dojo with Sara Rucker

Class Dojo - My favorite classroom tool, and soon to be yours too!

Class Dojo is all about reinforcing positive behaviors and eliminating negative behaviors. It also helps to maintain positive and open relationships with parents.

Setup is easy – just create a new class, naming it whatever you wish, and enter each of your students’ names. Each student will have their own custom monster. This monster can be theirs all year, or if you want, you can allow them to customize their monster at home using their student code.

There are two ways to invite parents to join your class – by email or by letter. Either way you invite parents, they will be given an access code which will give them access to their students’ progress, which can be viewed at any time.

After setting up your class, now it is time to customize your behaviors – positive and negative.
Customize your behaviors to fit the needs of your class. You can also customize the amount of points the students receive.
The options are: 1 to 5 points.

Introduce Class Dojo on the first day of school. On the main page, there is an introduction video for students to view. After the video, show your students the behaviors you have set in place. Make a monster for yourself, to let them hear the sound it makes when a positive point is given, and yes, let them hear the sound it makes when a negative point is given. On the first day of school, it will definitely scare them lol. No one wants to lose a point! But, unfortunately, you do have to give them out sometimes.

Positive and negative points have different sounds.
So if you have Class Dojo on the screen in front of your classroom, students will be able to hear the sounds. I have even pressed freeze using my projector remote, so my screen is frozen, and no one knows who is getting points. It keeps every student alert and focused.

Now, I am going to tell you about the almighty *RANDOM* button!
When you click random, it randomly chooses one student who you can choose to receive a point, or lose a point. This is a great tool to use when you are working with a small group and you want to make sure that the rest of the class is on-task. No one knows who is going to be chosen, not even you. I promise that you will never hear your class quieter than when you are using the random button. It is a miracle worker.
You’ll thank me later for this trick. ;)

Unlike behavior charts, parents are kept in the loop automatically.
They can see why their child received points or lost points INSTANTLY.
If they don’t check the app constantly, a weekly behavior report is sent out every Friday.

Like Remind101, you can send out class broadcasts to every parent who is signed up, or you can send private messages to just one parent. They can also message you at any time. Parents love the instant feedback, instead of waiting around for a reply to an email.

Ready to get started? Get out your smartphone, iPad, or laptop!

        Download the ClassDojo app on any iOS or Android device!

        Or sign up on the web at

        Play around with the Demo Class to see how easy it is to give students feedback.

        Create your class and enter your students!

        Join your school to see who else is using ClassDojo!

        Easily invite parents by clicking on the ‘parents’ tab.

About me:
My name is Sara Rucker and next year will be my third year teaching First Grade. I am a Class Dojo Mentor, so if you have any questions about this amazing resource, please feel free to email me at
My TPT link:
Facebook Fan Page:

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