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Jun 8, 2015

DIY Classroom Board Game!

Hey everyone!
So for the last few weeks I've been working on a big summer project. I wanted to transform an old board game with missing pieces into an educational classroom game that focuses on biomes and animal adaptations. Specifically, I wanted this game to be used with my biome trading cards!

So here's what I did.

1. I found an old board game with a standard size board.

2. I painted the entire game board white. It wasn't as terrible as it sounds. I used acrylic craft paint. Any paint would work... Spray paint would be easiest.

3. After painting the entire board, I let it dry outside. It only took about twenty five minutes to finish drying.

4. Even though my paint job wasn't perfect, it really didn't matter. Tons of game pieces will be glued on top of the paint. Using scissors and a glue stick, I began to cut and glue the game board pieces to the board, starting with the "Battle of the Biomes" centerpiece.

5. Next, I glued down the biome bases to the board. The printable bases include the Tundra, Desert, Grassland, Aquatic, and Forest. I started to glue the pathways along the edges of the board.

6. After gluing all the pieces down on the board and printing out the biome cards, I ran them through my creative station to laminate.

7. The biome cards (all 40 of them) were then ready to go! :) After they were cut and sorted, I placed them on the finished game board. They contain fun adventure-style scenarios where knowledge about animal adaptions and biomes are tested!

8.  Here is the finished board game with all the pieces in place! The biome/animal adaptations trading cards are also required to play Battle of the Biomes.  They are placed behind the home bases. 

More info about the game:
The objective of "Battle of the Biomes" is to collect all the trading cards of one biome! Players begin at the starting arrow and travel around the board. When they land on a biome symbol, they draw the matching biome card. They must read the adventure card and either answer a question or move their marker. They may even have an opportunity to steal other players trading cards!

Are you & your students ready to battle it out in the different biomes!?!?
Find everything you need (Board Game & Trading Cards) to create and play here!

Enjoy! :)


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