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Jun 29, 2015


Hey everyone! This is week three of the big #tptsellerchallenge, hosted by Third in Hollywood, Teach Create Motivate, Sparkling in Second, and Peppy Zesty Teacherista! To learn more about the TpT Seller Challenge, Click HERE

I JUST made my new products and uploaded them last night.. After this, I'm going to take a short break so I can get ready for the Teachers Pay Teachers conference in Vegas! We are only a week away from the conference dates, I can't believe it! 

So here is what I would like to share for the "Make Your Masterpiece" challenge. Yesterday I uploaded three editable binders (Teacher, Student, & Substitute Binders)  as well as two bundled products of the binders. (Student & Teacher Combo, and all three binders bundled together).  

For this challenge I'll focus on the editable teacher binder! Later in the week I'll swap this product with someone else so we can help each other edit and perfect our creations! 

Editable Teacher Binder - Glitter & Gold
Teachers - Enjoy your summer!!! Download and be organized later for the fall! Don't stress about the upcoming school year, you'll have everything ready to go!! :)
Have all your classroom info at your fingertips! You'll have an entire calendar plus schedule sheets in several different formats! (Horizontal, Vertical, Single-Day, In-Depth, etc). You'll also have information on your lessons, centers, grouping, seating arrangements, faculty meetings, parent meetings, to do lists, contacts, rosters, grading, note taking and more!

Be BINDER READY for the fall!

Contents Include:
Teacher Binder Cover & Spine
Schedule (Mon-Fri
Schedule (Mon-Fri) Horizontal
Schedule (Mon-Fri) Vertical
Schedule Single Day Format
Schedule In Depth Single Day
Full Calendar
Class Roster
Seating Arrangement
Grouping Arrangement
Lesson Planning Pages
Lesson Prep Checklist
Center Activity Pages
Grouping for Centers
Computer Logins & Info
Faculty Meeting Page
Faculty Meeting Notes
Parent Meeting Page
Parent Meeting Notes
Miscellaneous Pages
To Do List
School Contacts
Binder Tabs
Thank You Page

Are YOU a part of the TpT Seller Challenge? :) Post your masterpiece link below and I'll leave you some love on your blog!


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