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Jul 1, 2015

The TpT Conference & Advice from Inspirational Sellers!


      I am COUNTING DOWN the days until the 2015 Teachers Pay Teachers Conference in Vegas!!! The conference provides the incredible opportunity to connect with other sellers from around the globe. I went last year as a brand new seller and even with my newbie status, I had a fantastic time! I was so concerned that my inexperience and lack of seller connections would hinder me from meeting others and yet everyone was so open and friendly! 
It was however, overwhelming. I mostly remember running around the Venetian, session to session, having sensory overload. By the end, my voice was completely shot from the effort to be heard over all the excited chatter.  And seeing Paul Edelman and Deanna Jump during the keynote was mind-blowing to say the least. The whole experience was quite the whirlwind!!! I can’t wait to do it all again.

After the conference last year, I came home with renewed energy, immediately throwing myself into creating product after product. I was deeply inspired after connecting with the other sellers.

But while working in isolation online, you quickly forget about the amazing individuals that are a part of this incredible experience.

Before attending this year’s conference, I (somewhat selfishly) wanted to hear what other sellers experiences have been thus far, and what they believe attributed to their store’s success.

I wanted to find that same inspiration that I experienced after the conference last year. I want to reassure those that haven’t yet experienced the magic of the TpT Conference.
 If you’re a new seller and nervous about going, don’t be. Everyone is so open and kind.  

So for the last few weeks, I contacted inspirational sellers and asked if they would submit in 15 words or less, what they believe attributed to their store’s success. Here are the responses I received:

In 15 words or less, what do you believe attributed to your store's success?
Karen Jones
Karen Jones – “I always strive to create high quality, original products, that educators can't imagine teaching without.”

Marsha McGuire
Marsha McGuire - ...find YOUR passion and make it YOUR niche, remember your priorities (God and family first for me), be honest, and above all, maintain your integrity, because in the end, you have to live with your actions."

One Stop Teacher Shop
Kristin from One Stop Teacher Shop - "Find something that solves a real problem, take off with it, and don't look back."

Smart Chick
Tracey from Smart Chick Teaching Resources - “hard work, perseverance, and belief in yourself are critical to success on TpT, and in life.”

Shelley Gray
Shelley Gray – “Follow your passions. Retain your originality. Make resources that make people say, "Wow!"

Wise Guys
Eric & Brian from Wise Guys  – “Create high quality products that you would use in your own classroom and sales follow!”

The Autism Helper
Sasha from The Autism Helper -  “Make products that you can't wait to print off and use in your own classroom. Others will be just as excited :)”

Hello Literacy
Jen from Hello Literacy - "A really top notch freebie can put your store on Page 1."

Jason's Online Classroom
Jason's Online Classroom -  "Don't let preconceived ideas influence the outcome. Reality is bendable to your vision."

I want to give a big thank you to the sellers that shared their advice!  I LOVED every response I got.

 I hope they left you feeling inspired and ready to take over Vegas too! If so, share this post with other sellers!

 Also - Here's a free resource to help you create your binder for the conference! It includes an editable binder cover, a spine cover, and session dividers.

Find the Vegas Editable Binder Freebie here!

Do you have 15 words or less that you would attribute to your store's success? Post in the comment box below! :) 


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