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Sep 1, 2015

Back to School Night Stress - How to Overcome it!

Hey teacher friends,

I hope you all are starting the year off strong! Many of us are back in the classroom, enjoying the first few weeks of school.
You are back in your teaching zone, loving the routine and new group of students. The first week was exhausting, but now you feel like everything is finally coming together. Suddenly, a fellow teacher asks you about your presentation for the upcoming Back to School Night. By upcoming, I mean tomorrow!

back to school night, open house

Wait, what?? You finally found your stride and now you need to be the host for the evening, showing off a beautifully decorated classroom while having the perfect presentation prepared? ! Where do you start? And most importantly, when do you have time?

Here are a few quick tips I have for hosting a successful Open House, Meet the Teacher, or Back to School Night:

1. Design an outline of what you want to cover in your presentation.

Create a brief outline of the evening’s schedule. Estimate how much time you should be presenting. Try to keep it as short and concise. Anything over thirty minutes may not be remembered. Some topics you’ll want to cover are:    

        A Quick Introduction about Yourself

        Homework / Grading

        Behavior Expectations / Classroom Rules

        Curriculum / Daily Schedule

        Communication with Parents (Parent/Teacher Conferences, email communication, and phone calls).

2. Create a Warm & Welcoming Environment

Display student art throughout the classroom. This makes it fun for families to find their child’s work! Make sure the room is organized, neat, and welcoming.

back to school night, open house

3. Keep in mind what parents REALLY want to hear

Above all, you want THEIR child to be successful during the school year. In your presentation, show parents the resources you have available to make the year a great one. After your presentation, try to make personal connections with each and every family.
back to school night, open house

4. Keep it simple – don’t try to cover the entire year in one night.

Most likely, the parents do not want to hear the entire curriculum for the year. They want to see that the teacher is warm, welcoming, and organized. They also want the feeling of certainty that their child will have a successful school year.

5. Have a PowerPoint Presentation.

PowerPoint presentations are great for Back to School night. It will help you stay on topic and you’ll be less likely to forget something important you want to cover. You can make it creative and interactive, including pictures and examples of student work.

back to school night, open house

6. Make it memorable.

       Be enthusiastic and positive! This is a great opportunity to get to know your students families and set the tone for a great year to come.
 If you need additional resources for Back to School Night, check out the
pack. In it you'll find:
-Welcome Sign in Sheets
-Info Pamphlet for Parents
-Teacher Information Cards
-Classroom Door Sign
-Reminder Handout for Open House
-Volunteer Sign Up Sheet
-Parent-Teacher Conference Sign Ups
R-eminder Slips for Parent-Teacher Con
-How does Your Child Get Home – Transportation Information
-Supplies Wish List Cutouts
-Field Trip Chaperone Signups

back to school night, open house

back to school night, open house teaching resources

back to school night, open house


back to school night, open house


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