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May 26, 2015

Ready for Summer Vacay Giveaway!

Teacher friends,
     Who is ready for Summer Vacation?! I know I am!! ;)


There is no doubt that all teachers deserve a fun-filled Summer Vacay! I wanted to celebrate by hosting a blog post giveaway in the last few weeks of the school year! This giveaway has a ton of cute teacher supplies and a giant summer tote bag! :)

In this giveaway package you will find...
     -Jumbo pink chevron tote
     -Mint Metal Pail, Stripe Metal Pail, Green Dot Pail
     -Office Accessory Value Pack (100 paper clips, 35 wood push pins, 18 binder clips
     -Office Tray divider
     -Summer Whale Stickers
     -K&Company Giant Letter Stickers
     -Recollection Alphabet Stickers
     -Globe Stickers
     -Two Sets of Back to School Stickers (Recollections & Sticko)
     -Jolee's By You - Art Dimensional Sticker
     -Scrapbook Page Dividers

Enter Below for the Summer Vacay Giveaway!!
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May 22, 2015

Flash Freebie - End of the Year Ribbon Awards!

The Flash Freebie is going on RIGHT NOW!  (until 8 PDT)  "End of the Year Ribbon Awards!" will be listed as FREE! Grab it while you can!



May 20, 2015

Guest blogger on One Stop Teacher Shop!

Hi teacher friends!
I have some very exciting news! Kristin from One Stop Teacher Shop provided me with the opportunity to guest post on her blog! She just uploaded my post this afternoon! Here is a short preview...

      I would first like to give a big thank you to Kristin for letting me guest post on her fabulous blog! I am a huge fan of the teaching resources she provides! I'm grateful for this opportunity.

      I love the arts and implementing creativity into the classroom, so while summer is just right around the corner, I wanted to share some creative ocean activities and ideas with readers.

  Here is a compilation of 15 ideas and resources to enjoy with your students while learning about life under the sea!

To read the rest of the blog post, click here!



End of the Year Signature Owl Craft!

Hi Teacher friends! Here is a fun end of the year craft you can have your students create! When I graduated sixth grade, my parents bought me this cool graduation signature teddy bear that all my friends passed around and signed.

    While  creating End of the Year products, I had this crazy idea that maybe students in the classroom could make their own version of the signature bear! In order to make it possible for students in the classroom to design, I could only use simple resources plus no sewing involved. I figured out a way to make an owl just with a sock and cotton balls! Super easy and fun!

Here are the steps to create the Signature Owl sock craft!

Step 1
Here are the supplies you'll need:
googly eyes
plain white sock (can be short or long, just not textured)
glue gun
Elmer's glue
cotton balls
yellow and orange felt
black paper
black button 

     If possible, ask parents to donate one sock and a bag of cotton balls for the project. (one bag should create 5 owl crafts.)

Step 2
Break apart the cotton balls so your owl will not be lumpy. Just pinch and pull apart. It should create one big mass.

Step 3
Begin stuffing the sock. Push down the cotton to the very bottom and try to fill as much as you can to create a round shape.

Step 4
Stuff until the cotton until the entire foot portion of the sock is filled. If you have a long sock, stop at the ankle.

Step 5
Pull at the top of the sock to create loose material. Pull up the top of the sock and pull forward. After creating the fold, hold the material in place with your thumb.

Step 6
Using a hot glue gun, place a dap of glue right underneath the spot where your thumb held. After gluing, hold it down to dry. If your students are making this in the classroom, they will need your assistance only for step 6 and step 9.

Step 7
If you have a long sock, cut off the end.

Step 8
Fold and glue the bottom together. It doesn't have to be a perfect line, you will be gluing feet on the bottom of the owl.

Step 9
Cut an orange triangle from the felt and place googly eyes on the owl. Students can use their own glue for this part.

Step 10
Cut a small  black square and glue on top of head. Make sure an angle of the square is placed in center of the owl's forehead.

Step 11
Glue a large square on top of the smaller square. This will create the graduation cap.

Step 12
Cut out a yellow tassel from the yellow felt.

Step 13
Glue down the tassel onto the center of the cap, using a button to hold it in place. If you have rhinestones, students can even bedazzle their graduation caps! ;D

Step 14
Cut out the feet using the orange felt and glue to the bottom of the owl.

 Step 15

The owl is now ready for signatures! :D

I know your students will have a blast creating and signing!

If you need more End of the Year resources and ideas, check these out!

End of the Year Bundle! (Memory book, Portfolios, Activities, and Awards!)

May 14, 2015

Flash Freebie - Sub Tub & Sub Binder!

The Flash Freebie is going on RIGHT NOW! For the next six hours (until 8 PDT), "Substitute Binder & Sub Tub - Editable!" will be listed as FREE! Grab it while you can!


May 13, 2015

End of the Year Art & Summer Projects!

Hi Everyone! 
     With the end of the year in sight, is your class struggling to maintain focus? Do you need a few extra fun art projects to get you through the end of the year? Here are some cute ideas to keep your students entertained before the year is over! 

Glam Jellyfish!
Check out this glamorous jellyfish!
Supplies you'll need: 

-silver pipe cleaner
-neon green ribbon
-dark blue ribbon
-blue streamers or light blue ribbon
-two black buttons or beads
-plastic blue bowl
***the plastic bowl I used for this project was from Party City in the color, "Caribbean Blue"***

Directions to Make Glam Jellyfish:
1. Using either Elmer's glue or a hot glue gun, glue rhinestones all around the bottom and sides of bowl. 
2.  Glue the black eyes on the side of the bowl.
3. Take silver pipe cleaner and wrap it around a ruler to create a spiral pattern. 
3. Using a hot glue gun, glue the end of the pipe cleaner onto the inside of the bowl. 
4. Glue strips of ribbon to the inside of the bowl. Cut to the length you would like the tentacles to be. 
5. Hot-glue string to the top of the bowl, using a rhinestone to hold it in place.

End of the Year STEM! 
This resource has science, technology, engineering, and measurement activities to do with your elementary kids that will really get their brains going during the end of the school year!
The STEM Challenges include a Mini Golf Course (Hole in One) Challenge. Students must design a Mini Golf course that can be successfully completed in one stroke (a hole in one!). They must also craft a putter. Certain types of angles and obstacles in the course are required in their design.)
Also includes a Balloon Rocket Car Challenge, and a Trampoline Challenge! Check it out here! 

Crafty Watermelon!
Supplies you'll need: 
-pink tissue paper squares
-glue sticks 
-red tissue paper squares 
-black paper
-cotton balls
-green scraps
-green buttons 
-green paper
-dark green paper

Directions to Make Watermelon Craft:
1. Have students cut green paper into half moon shape. 
2. Spread and glue down pink and red tissue paper squares to fill most of the crescent, leaving space for green outer layer
3. Peel apart cotton balls to create a rim between the green outer layer and the inside of the watermelon
4. Cut out triangles from the dark green paper. Glue onto the outer layer of watermelon. Glue on green buttons with the triangles. 
5. Cut seeds out of black paper and glue inside watermelon. 

If you want an extension to this project, check out this Summer craftivity freebie where students can create a lemonade drink with their watermelon! 
It also has simile writing to go along with it! 

Under the Sea Craftivity!
"Under the Sea" Craftivity includes a written sensory poem as well!

Noodle Sun Art!

Supplies you'll need: 
-tube or spiral noodles
-yellow and orange paint or foodcoloring 
-red tissue paper squares 
-yellow tissue paper squares
-orange tissue paper squares
-black paper

1. Either paint or drop the noodles into food coloring. Take them out and let them dry. (This may take up to three hours).
2. Have students cut out a circle on their black paper. 
3. Glue the yellow, red, and orange tissue paper squares to fill in the circle.
4. When dry, glue the noodles around the circle to create the sun. 

ART Around the World! 
Include art and multicultural fun into the classroom! 
Students will read & learn about the art history from Africa, Italy, Japan, India, Mexico, and China! 

They will discover common art elements & themes from each location and famous artworks in history. 
"What I Learned" recall & writing pages as well as "Exploring Artwork" homework pages are included.
 Fun art projects featuring common elements and themes from each location are implemented in this resource! 

You may also enjoy... 
This bundle includes everything you need (and much more!) to have a fantastic end to the year! 

This product bundles together 3 StudentSavvy products: "End of the Year Awards", "End of the Year Book" & "End of the Year Portfolio" 

May 11, 2015

How to Celebrate the End of the Year!

How to Celebrate the End of the Year! End of the Year Freebies / Free Resources / Activities - Perfect ideas for an End of the Year activity or party in the classroom!

Teachers friends, 
As you know, the end of the year is slowly but surely approaching. You and your students couldn't be MORE READY! 

Real learning has pretty much gone out the window, but what is a classroom to do in the meantime? Learning doesn't have to be completely over, you just have to mask it such a way where it doesn't quite seem like learning to students... but it in fact, still is! 

Here are some activities, resources, and freebies that you can use to survive the end of the year without losing your mind! 

1. Summer is as Sweet as Lemonade! - Simile Craftivity FREEBIE! 

Summer is clearly on the mind so why not indulge your students with some summer creative writing activities? 
2. Fun Fridays! 
You can stick a fork in a student by Friday, but Fridays during the last month of school?! Oh my! If you don't implement Fun Fridays already, you should maybe consider doing so. Set guidelines and time restrictions but let students enjoy the last hour of school before the weekend. Students can participate in free play or the teacher can provide fun centers where students can rotate. It can still be educational, you can use educational games like Brain Quest Board games or World Safari. 

3. End of the Year STEM! 
This resource has science, technology, engineering, and measurement activities to do with your elementary kids that will really get their brains going during the end of the school year!
The STEM Challenges include a Mini Golf Course (Hole in One) Challenge. Students must design a Mini Golf course that can be successfully completed in one stroke (a hole in one!). They must also craft a putter. Certain types of angles and obstacles in the course are required in their design.)
The challenges also include a Balloon Rocket Car Challenge, and a Trampoline Challenge! Check it out here! 

4. Start Creating Classroom Portfolios
Have students begin collecting and organizing their work from the school year. Have them find their favorite assignments from every subject. Have them brainstorm and write about all the goals that they've achieved for the year as well as a list of books they've read. They can reflect on their favorite group project and discuss what made it successful. They can design a "meet the author page". The portfolio can be in a professional binder or simply stapled together in a packet. Parents will love seeing their child's work featured at the end of the year! 

5. Readers Theatre
     Does your class participate in Readers Theatre? This takes creative learning to a whole new level! You can find collections of Readers Theatre online. Read the script with the class several times and model expressive reading. Have students take turns reading aloud. When students are ready, pair them in groups to practice their script! At the end of the day, have students perform their scripts to the rest of the class! 

6. Get Up & Dance!
        Students can learn multicultural dances with Dance Around the World resource!  

Students will learn over 18 different traditional and cultural dances from Italy, Russia, Africa, India, China, and Mexico! There are 20 video links (QR Codes as well as URL Links) included to see dancers in action! 

There are 7 dance and movement activities for your students!

7. Story Starters & Creative Writing FREEBIES - Summer Vacation! 
     Get students to participate in creative writing exercises. Here's a list of fun story starters they can use.. Add questions about their summer vacation to the list!

8. Student Memory Books!
Create an opportunity for students to design their own classroom Memory Books! Click here for a Memory Book resource! 

9. More Read Alouds!
 Some of my favorites include: 

Enemy Pie by Derek Munson

Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt

Stellaluna by Janell Cannon

Sylvester and the Magic Pebble by William Steig

Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon

Because of Winn- Dixie by Kate DiCamillo

Holes by Louis Sachar

10. Student Awards! 
Don't forget to hand out student awards the last week of school! Give each student in your class a unique award! Thirty different award titles are included in this resource so no one feels left out! Who will be awarded little miss fashionista? ;) 

11. Sailing into Summer Craftivity FREEBIE! 

Here's another creative writing craftivity where students can find inspiration from summer!! 

12. Learning center activities 
Set up stations or learning centers were students are able to self-run each center. Resources such as "Draw Write Now" by Marie Hablitzel and workbooks containing sight words are fantastic for center activities! You can also cut up  sight words to make puzzles or provide whiteboards for sight word practice. "Search the Room" is another fun game where if students are learning a certain vowel sounds like "oa", they can grab a clipboard and walk around the room finding things that use that specific sound. 

13. End of Year Bundle! 
If your looking for quick, zero prep activities and resources, check out this bundle! You'll find classroom awards, student portfolios, and activities to create a classroom memory book.

Enjoy the last few weeks of school, it will be over soon! Keep hanging in there! ;)


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