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Jan 23, 2016

6 Must-Have Tech Tools for Behavior Management!

Hi teacher friends!
I have some exciting news! The blog Learn2Earn provided me with the amazing opportunity to guest post on their blog!

Here is a short preview and a link to the article!

     Behavior management is different for each and every classroom and it's something that we have to practice and figure out as we go. It involves trial and error, and we all have to discover what works for us and our students.
     However, it’s easy to get stuck when your current strategies no longer seem effective.
Fortunately, technology can be a valuable tool for you to turn to when you need assistance in managing your classroom. We often hear about the negative effects of technology on kids—constant texting and the lack of daily social interaction—and it’s easy to forget about the incredible benefits and opportunities technology has to offer in the classroom.
     There are many different apps, games, tools, and gadgets that engage students and help you effectively manage student behavior in the classroom.
     For teachers that would like a little extra guidance on behavior management in the classroom, here are the tools, strategies, and products I’ve found most helpful for engaging students, therefore helping to maintain control of the classroom.
While this program may not seem like a behavior management tool at first glance, you’ll quickly see how engaging it is for students. Socrative is a formative assessment tool that allows you to design questionnaires, polls, exit tickets and much more....


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