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Apr 10, 2016

Teacher Sock Sunday: Featuring the Fabulous Floral Teacher Binder!

Good afternoon teachers! 
If you weren't aware of this fun fact, I love funky socks. I ESPECIALLY love funky teacher socks. I have a ton. Because I have a ton of funky teacher socks, I decided I should do something fun with them. Every Sunday I'm going to feature a resource that teachers will find helpful in getting them through the upcoming school week. 

Today's resource is the fabulous floral teacher binder! 

"Why Yes, Your Teacher is Brilliant AND Organized!"  

This product is UPDATED for April 2016 - August 2017 - It is a lifelong tool! 

This design is printer-friendly. No dark colors.

Have all your classroom info at your fingertips! you'll have an entire calendar plus schedule sheets in several different formats! (Horizontal, Vertical, Single-Day, In-Depth, etc). You'll also have information on your lessons, centers, grouping, seating arrangements, faculty meetings, parent meetings, to do lists, contacts, rosters, grading, note taking and more! 

This download contains TWO files: an editable Powerpoint file and a PDF! 

Contents Include:
Teacher Binder Cover & Spine 
Schedule (Mon-Fri
Schedule (Mon-Fri) Horizontal
Schedule (Mon-Fri) Vertical
Schedule Single Day Format
Schedule In Depth Single Day
Full Calendar
Class Roster
Seating Arrangement
Grouping Arrangement
Lesson Planning Pages
Lesson Prep Checklist
Center Activity Pages
Grouping for Centers
Computer Logins & Info
Faculty Meeting Page
Faculty Meeting Notes
Parent Meeting Page
Parent Meeting Notes
Miscellaneous Pages
To Do List
School Contacts
Binder Tabs
Thank You Page

This resource has matching substitute and student binders you can purchase. Download all three matching binders in a set - Teacher Binder - Substitute Binder - Student Binder  - Over 40% savings! 


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