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Jun 12, 2016

Rainforest Classroom Decor - Teacher Sock Sunday!

Happy summer, teacher friends! 
AND... HAPPY #TeacherSockSunday! 

My feet are feeling terrifically tropical today! I am loving the vibrant colors and tropical toucans! 

Would you like to decorate your classroom as a tropical oasis next year? 

This week's featured resource is Tropical Rainforest Classroom Decor!

For the only the next 48 hours, this resource will be 20% OFF!  Find it here on SALE!

Decorate your classroom in beautiful and bright tropical rainforest colors! 

WELCOME! banner 

Daily Schedule Cards
-Language Arts
-Free Time
-Social Studies
-Open Court 
-Story Time
-Pack Up
-Warm Ups
-fill in your own!

"Sorry You Missed Us" - Door Signs

We are....
-at lunch
-at recess
-at computer lab
-at library
-on the track
-on a field trip
-fill in your own!

Name Tags


Today is...
Tomorrow will be...
Yesterday was...

Days of the Week

Calendar Day Cards

Months of the Year

Classroom labels

Sharp Pencils
Needs Sharpening
Fill In Your Own! (different sized labels)
Alphabet Wall Chart/Posters

Helper Jobs + Make Your Own- Blank Card!

Jobs Include:
-Line Leader
-Door Holder
-Electrician (Light Helper)
-Paper Passer
-Calendar Helper
-Teacher's Assistant
-Pencil Sharpener
-Table Monitor
-Clean Up Crew
-Chair Stacker
-Board Eraser
-Lunch Monitor
-Yoga Instructor
-P.E. Assistant
-Design Your Own!

Classroom Posters!

-We are WILD about Learning!
-Reading is an Adventure
-Rules of the Rainforest 

Want to see more funky teacher socks? Click the links below!


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