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Apr 24, 2016

Teacher Sock Sunday: featuring Music Around the World II!

Hi teacher friends,
Happy Teacher Sock Sunday! 
If you missed last week's post, find it here!

I am BEYOND excited to share this brand new teaching resource with you!
Music Around the World is back... With ALL NEW locations and musical instruments! Students will learn over 30 different musical instruments from Mexico, China, the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Hawaii, and the United States.

This resource is a great way to incorporate music and multicultural fun in your classroom! 
Great Activities for 3rd-7th Grade and Around the World or Music Units

 There are video links included to see the instruments in action! You have the option of using the QR codes or you can click the hyperlinks.

This unit includes- Read and learn pages with video clips!, what I learned recall pages, exploring musicians/instruments/songs homework pages, listening activities, test your knowledge activities, and flashcards for the classroom!

Curious about the original Music Around the World Unit? Explore Music of Japan, France, India, Spain, Brazil, Africa, Russia, and Italy HERE!

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Apr 23, 2016

Teacher Survival Giveaway!

Let's be real, April is a tough month for teachers. We are still deep in curriculum, trying to stay afloat until the end of the year. That energy we had at the beginning of the year is gone (actually, that was gone a long time ago).  Spring weather is making the children act crazy - that's a real thing, right? The students know the school year is coming to a close, but there's still work to be done. 

That is why it is the PERFECT time for a teacher giveaway! Ya'll deserve it! ;)

Here's a few items that will help you survive the next month and a half.:

-The "Minimergency" Kit - a fabulous emergency kit for teachers, containing 18 essential items for an A+ day! It comes in the cutest red and gold polka dotted carrying case! 

-Floral Tote Bag 

-Adult Coloring Book to help you unwind from a long day of teaching

-To Do Stationery Set

-Colorful Polka Dot Page Flags

-Why, Hello Note cards with matching envelopes 

-215 Summer & Sunshine Stickers 

-2 Count Sticky Notes

-Calendar List Pad


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Apr 17, 2016

Teacher Sock Sunday: Featuring the Ancient Civilizations Lapbook!

Good afternoon teachers! 
If you weren't aware of this fun fact, I collect funky socks. I ESPECIALLY love funky teacher socks. I have a ton. Because I have a ton of funky teacher socks, I decided I should do something fun with them. Every Sunday I'm going to feature a resource that teachers will find helpful in getting them through the upcoming school week. 

Today's resource is the Ancient Civilizations Lapbook!

In this resource, students will design an informational lap book about Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, Israel, China, Rome, and Greece. It includes cut & paste pages and flaps that will test student knowledge on their Ancient Civilization curriculum. 

This product is Editable! You can change or edit the questions to fit the needs of your students. 

If this is your first time creating a lap book with your students, there is a short 40 second video that will assist you on how to assemble. 

This lapbook project is excellent to have for review before an exam or as an extended learning activity! 

The following topics are covered:
Mesopotamia: cuneiform, Hammurabi's Codes, ziggurats, the fertile crescent, city states, nomads

Egypt:mummification, pharaohs, hieroglyphics, the pyramids of Giza, hieratic script

India: caste system, Hinduism, accomplishments in science, astronomy, and architecture, Caste System, Brahmin, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas, Sudras, untouchables. 

Israel: King Solomon, The Promised Land, Moses, prophets, "ten lost tribes", Judaism

China: oracle bones, Terracotta Army, Confucianism, Xia Dynasty, Shang Dynasty, Zhou Dynasty, Qin Dynasty, Bronze Age, and the Great Wall

Greece: Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations, The Dark Ages, Bronze Age, monarchies, polis, epic poem, Socratic Method

Rome: Pax Romana, Twelve Tables, Punic Wars, the Roman Empire, Roman law, The fall of Rome 

For a more in-depth study of Ancient Civilizations, this resource is also aligned with 

Here is a deeper look at each of the Interactive Journal units:

Ancient Mesopotamia Unit

Topics covered in this unit include: Sumer, Sumerian life, city-states, ziggurats, cuneiform, Hammurabi's Code, the Epic of Gilgamesh, fertile crescent, theocracy, nomadic life, Sumerian hierarchy, and more. 

Ancient Egypt Unit

Topics covered in this unit include: Mummification, Egyptian Society and Hierarchy, Pharaohs, the invasion of the Hyksos, the Old, Middle, & New Kingdom, Nile River, Hieroglyphics, Hieratic Script (shortened version), Pyramids of Giza, Bureaucracy, Vizier, War-Chariots, Menes, Hatshepsut, Thutmose III, Tutankhamen, Lower Egypt, Upper Egypt, Ramses III, Akhenaten, Red Lands, Black Lands

Ancient Israel Unit

Topics covered in this unit include: monotheism, the ten lost tribes, Israelites, nomads, prophets, Hebrews, Judaism, the First Temple, The Torah, Moses, Yahweh, King Solomon, wisdom, King David, Abraham, The Promised Land

Ancient India Unit

Topics covered in this unit include: Harappan Period, Indus Valley Civilization, Hinduism, Rajas, Aryans, Sanskirt, Aryans, the Caste System, Varnas, Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas, Sudras, the Untouchables, Ganesha, Other Gods & Goddesses, Reincarnation, Monsoon, Karma, Dharma, Buddhism, Hinduism, Nirvana, The Pillar, The Stupa, The Rock Chamber, Siddhartha Gautama, and more

Ancient China Unit

Topics covered in this unit include: dynasties, aristocracy, oracle bones, bureaucracy, bronze casting, bronze age, golden age, philosophers, Mandate of Heaven, taotie mask, emperors, Terracotta Army, Confucianism, Daoism, Legalism, warlords, Analects, The Great Wall, Huang River Valley, Xia Dynasty, Shang Dynasty, Zhou Dynasty, Qin Dynasty, Qin Shi Huang, Confucius, Laozi, The Great Wall, The Silk Road

Ancient Greece Unit

Topics covered in this unit include: Minoan & Mycenaean Civilizations, The Dark Ages, Homer, Epic Poetry, The Iliad, The Odyssey, Greek Mythology & Religion, Olympics, Olympia, Theatre, Tragedies, Comedies, Polis (City-States), Athenians, Spartans, The Peloponnesian War, Socratic Method, Greek Philosophers, Democracy, Oligarchy, Geography of Greece, and more.

Ancient Rome Unit

Topics covered in this unit include: Etruscan and Greek Influence of Rome, The Roman Republic, Roman Social Hierarchy, Twelve Tables, Law of Nations, Triumvirates, Dictators & Julius Caesar, The Punic Wars (First, Second, Third), Roman Law (and its influence on law today), The Collapse of Roman Republic, The Roman Empire, Roman Architecture & Other Contributions, Gladiators & Entertainment, The Spread of Christianity, The Decline & Fall of Rome (and all the theories why it collapsed)

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Apr 13, 2016

Earth Day Activities for the Elementary Classroom

With Earth Day only a week away, are you scrambling to find eco-friendly activities to do with your students? 
It is such a great way to encourage great daily habits and create awareness about the environment. In this world of YouTube, instagram, and snapchat, it's a nice reminder to always cherish and take care of our planet. 
If you are searching for fun Earth Day activities, you have come to the right place! Here are activities you might enjoy in the classroom! 

Challenge and bring awareness to your students this April! Design a challenge jar for your classroom and have them participate in 28 eco-friendly challenges. Great for all elementary age students.

Students love a little friendly competition - see who can complete the most tasks this month! Find it here! 

2.) Recycled Art
Allow your students to get creative! Have them bring in items from home that they planning on tossing away. It can be bottle caps, buttons, fabric, anything goes! If that idea scares you with the possible classroom clutter, limit your students to bring only things they can fit in a paper bag or in their backpack. 
If they decide to create three-dimensional art, challenge them to engineer something new! Consider it a STEM activity!

3.) Create Bird Feeders
Have students bring an empty milk jug or milk carton. Cut the opening in the center of one side with an X-Acto knife. Then allow the students to paint and decorate the carton as they wish. Use a popsicle stick as the perch or have the students collect sticks from outside. 

4.) Earth Day Project
This resource is great for all primary students celebrating Earth Day! 
This interactive project with folds, flaps, and pockets works well with any Earth Day lesson. 
     Students brainstorm and write "How I.. (the three R's) Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle." They will also discuss ways to conserve (water) and compose an Earth Day promise. 
     Students choose an environmental issue or concern to write what they want to change and how they will take action. 
     Students will also create a "How I'll Save the Planet" magazine or recycled collage
     Recycling vocabulary is included in a recycling bin word sort! Students will read different items and decide which recycling bin pocket to place them in. Find it here!

5.) Research an Important Cause
As a class, research several important causes that students are passionate about. Vote on which cause is the class favorite and brainstorm ways that everyone could contribute to supporting that cause. Reinforce the idea that even the smallest contributions help! 
          Topics examples: Global warming, ocean pollution, air pollution, endangered animals, drought. 

6.) Calculating Carbon Footprints

This is a great activity for upper elementary grades. Have your students take this animated quiz on They will be shocked to discover how many planet earths it would take to sustain their lifestyle if everyone lived as they did. 

7.) Create a Classroom Quilt 
Demonstrate to students how the old can be transformed into something new! 

Encourage your students to create awareness! What are you planning to do this month with your students? 
Share your ideas below! 

Apr 10, 2016

Teacher Sock Sunday: Featuring the Fabulous Floral Teacher Binder!

Good afternoon teachers! 
If you weren't aware of this fun fact, I love funky socks. I ESPECIALLY love funky teacher socks. I have a ton. Because I have a ton of funky teacher socks, I decided I should do something fun with them. Every Sunday I'm going to feature a resource that teachers will find helpful in getting them through the upcoming school week. 

Today's resource is the fabulous floral teacher binder! 

"Why Yes, Your Teacher is Brilliant AND Organized!"  

This product is UPDATED for April 2016 - August 2017 - It is a lifelong tool! 

This design is printer-friendly. No dark colors.

Have all your classroom info at your fingertips! you'll have an entire calendar plus schedule sheets in several different formats! (Horizontal, Vertical, Single-Day, In-Depth, etc). You'll also have information on your lessons, centers, grouping, seating arrangements, faculty meetings, parent meetings, to do lists, contacts, rosters, grading, note taking and more! 

This download contains TWO files: an editable Powerpoint file and a PDF! 

Contents Include:
Teacher Binder Cover & Spine 
Schedule (Mon-Fri
Schedule (Mon-Fri) Horizontal
Schedule (Mon-Fri) Vertical
Schedule Single Day Format
Schedule In Depth Single Day
Full Calendar
Class Roster
Seating Arrangement
Grouping Arrangement
Lesson Planning Pages
Lesson Prep Checklist
Center Activity Pages
Grouping for Centers
Computer Logins & Info
Faculty Meeting Page
Faculty Meeting Notes
Parent Meeting Page
Parent Meeting Notes
Miscellaneous Pages
To Do List
School Contacts
Binder Tabs
Thank You Page

This resource has matching substitute and student binders you can purchase. Download all three matching binders in a set - Teacher Binder - Substitute Binder - Student Binder  - Over 40% savings! 


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