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Jul 31, 2016

BEST YEAR EVER - Back to School Sale on TpT!

Hi teacher friends,
Have you heard the exciting news?! The big Back to School sale on Teachers pay Teachers is going on right now! Let's make it the BEST YEAR EVER! 

Let's just say my whole body hurts right now from sitting at my computer. Not only have I been creating resources like a crazy person, I've been filling up my cart and purchasing some fabulous TpT resources for the upcoming school year. 

If you head on over to TpT, all the resources in the StudentSavvy store are 20% off! Don't forget to use promo code BESTYEAR for that extra 8% savings! Yay!! 

Here are some Back to School resources you may want to check out for the upcoming school year! 
This resource contains forms, decorations, and essentials to have a successful Open House or Meet the Teacher Night. 100% Editable! This product is in a PowerPoint format so you can change anything you would like to fit your classroom needs. 

Biome GO! 28% off!
Get your students up and moving! Students will learn all about different biomes and animal adaptations while participating in an engaging physical activity! 
30 animals in 5 different biomes are waiting to be discovered! 
Biomes include Forest, Desert, Tundra, Tropical Rainforest, and Aquatic (Saltwater). 

With 100% Editable Text! Change the text on supply labels, posters, banners, schedule cards, classroom jobs, binders and more to fit the needs of your classroom!
Children and Around the World Locations: Africa, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Holland, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Spain, UK, and the US. 

Start the year off running with these FUN and COLLABORATIVE Back to School Activities! Provide the opportunity for your students to get to know each other with fun games and ice breakers! Common Core Aligned writing activities also included! 

Classroom Decor - Gold Apple & Glitter Classroom Decor! In Peach, Mint, and Gold Colors. 
With 100% Editable Text! Change the text on supply labels, posters, banners, schedule cards, classroom jobs, binders and more to fit the needs of your classroom.

Super Savings with BIG BUNDLES! 

 28% off!
Ancient Civilizations Interactive Notebook Bundle!
The units covered within the Ancient Civilizations Bundle are: Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Israel, Ancient India, Ancient China, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome. 
6th grade students love these interactive journals for our Social Studies curriculum. This resource contains over 225 pages of interactive learning material!

Earth Science Interactive Notebook Bundle!
The units covered within the Earth Science Bundle are: Rock Cycle, Minerals, Plate Tectonics, Volcanoes, Weather, Ecosystems, Earth's Cycles, Photosynthesis, Biomes, Energy 
6th grade students love these interactive journals for Earth Science curriculum. This resource contains over 300 pages of interactive learning material!

Never worry about decorating your classroom again! This GROWING bundle includes stunning 10 classroom décor themes that you can use YEAR AFTER YEAR! 

Enjoy Your Savings! Happy Shopping! ;)

Jul 28, 2016

Ancient Civilization Activities Your Students Will Love!

Hi teacher friends,
    Ancient Civilizations has to be my favorite curriculum to teach. I find the ancient world fascinating, with all the different traditions, inventions, rituals, building structures, gods and goddesses. I could probably spend the whole year just focusing on Egypt alone, with its pyramids, their social hierarchy with pharaohs, and interesting process of mummification. I get excited knowing that the information about these civilizations that existed in 3000-1000 BC are still being uncovered by archaeologists today. I love sharing my excitement and enthusiasm about Ancient Civs! 
What I also love about ancient civilizations is that their unconventional and extravagant traditions and ideas allow for some AMAZING classroom projects! Here is my list of activities and projects I'd love to cover while studying ancient civilizations. 

Tutankhamun Masks

Anne from UseYourColouredPencils designed these magnificent masks with her students using cardboard, gold paint, and felt markers! They were showcased in a class assembly and were inspired by King Tutankhamun's famous gold death mask. Discover the full project here.

Ancient Civilizations Lapbook
Lapbooks allow the student to have a broad overview of each Ancient Civilization studied. It is a fun, interactive way to review before an assessment and to always have as a study tool on hand. This specific resource is editable, so you can change the text in order to review what students are learning in the classroom. It can also be used as an extended learning activity for early finishers. Read more about this learning tool here. 

Build a Colosseum Project
Rob from Lorwynd's Thoughts assisted his third grade daughter in this school project. They used Styrofoam blocks that were pre-cut into rectangular blocks. They used toothpicks and glue to hold the shape and adhere the blocks together. This would make for a great collaborative group project! A great add on to this activity would be a short summary of  gladiatorial events that took place inside the Colosseum.  You can read more about the class project here 

Cuneiform Tablets

Cuneiform was the very first writing system used by the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Using clay or model magic, students can learn some of the ancient script while carving symbols into their clay tablets. The earlier script used pictures and symbols to represent words or phrases. Over time, the pictures became shortened vertical and horizontal strokes. As a project, students can create a story and then design a type of Rosetta Stone to translate their message.  

Interactive Notebooks

Interactive notebooks are a great way to keep students organize and engaged throughout the ENTIRE school year! The Ancient Civilization series has a combination of  written activities, coloring, drawing, and creating. It allows for students' own ideas and interpretations rather than just filling in the blanks. They can be used alongside your school's current curriculum as supplemental material or they can be stand alone resources as well!

If you are convinced your students would love creating an Ancient Civilizations interactive notebook throughout the year, check out this complete curriculum series. It contains over 704 pages of interactive learning material on Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel, India, China, Greece, and Rome. Materials include interactive notebook covers for each of the seven units, reading passages, answer keys, critical thinking and analysis questions, foldables, flaps, timelines, graphic organizers, and more.

Reviews & Testimonials of the Ancient Civilizations Interactive Notebook Series: 
Rose Meyers: "Thanks for such a wonderful product. This is my first year of using interactive notebooks in my classroom. My students absolutely love their grammar notebooks, so I am planning on using your notebook in Social Studies next year. I have been looking for a year long project for Social Studies that my students can take with them at the end of the year that will sum up their learning of ancient cultures. I think I just found it!"

Wendy G: "I am very excited about this product! Social Studies is my favorite subject to teach, but it can be hard to get the students engaged because it can be dry. I think that these interactive activities will help with that! I love that these activities are intended to be used alongside the school's curriculum instead of as a total replacement. I also really appreciate that it has been created to allow the students to think, respond, and interact with the text rather than to just copy down the correct answers or fill in the blanks. I think this will revolutionize Social Studies in my 6th grade classroom this year! I can't wait to try it out!"

Patty C: "This is a terrific resource with engaging activities. I am new to 6th grade Social Studies and was looking for something that could help me get started. This bundle was perfect!"

Nancy V: "I wish I had purchased this at the beginning of the year! I can't wait to start my year off with this. I did two units with my students and even with 6th graders at the end of the year, they were engaged and on task. Thank you for a great product!"

Buyer: "Wonderful! I looked at several ancient history notebooking items and this was my favorite. It has a good mix of activities, some coloring, some writing in text. I especially like that it isn't simply "copy the one correct answer in this space", but allows for the students own ideas and interpretations. I am a homeschooler, teaching multiple grades, and I will be able to pick and choose activities based on each child's interest and ability. :)"

Van T: "Wish I had bought this sooner! Looking forward to using it as an addition to the curriculum."

Ancient Civilization STEM Challenges!

Cross-curricular challenges for students who are studying Ancient Civilizations!
These resource has science, technology, engineering, and measurement activities to do with your upper elementary kids that will really enhance their learning! Discover these resources here! 

Interactive PowerPoints

This is a fast-motion screen capture of the Ancient Civilizations Interactive PowerPoint Series!  Discover the complete curriculum resource here!

Jul 15, 2016

LOVE Your Classroom in 5 Simple Steps!

classroom decor ideas for back to school

Hi Teacher Friends,
    You are probably going to hate me for bringing this up. But have you ever come back to school after summer vacation and looked around your bare classroom in absolute terror and dread? It looks like the stuff from a dystopian fiction novel, with furniture shoved to one side and the room feeling empty and abandoned. Reality and panic sets in and you begin to think, "How on earth can I make this a functional classroom for learning in just a few days?!" 
    Before you leave nasty comments about me ruining what was left of your summer break, just stick with me for a second. (And there's a big surprise at the end of this post you are not going to want to miss!) 

 Wouldn't it be gratifying to have a gorgeous classroom decor that makes you feel great and your students enjoy learning in as well? And you can make this a reality in just a few minutes?
    Nothing feels better than having an organized, engaging, and flexible space for learning.

 Students will notice the difference when you feel composed and motivated! It helps immensely when you love the environment you're working in and when you're certain everything is in its rightful place. 

As teachers, we know time is our most valuable asset. When we finally get the keys to our classroom, we only have a few short days to make it our own again. Here are some simple steps to assist you in designing the classroom of your dreams with the limited time you have!

1. Tailor Your Decor to Fit Your Unique Classroom Needs. 
Have digital and editable copies of your classroom decorations if possible. This will allow you to go back and edit them to fit your classroom needs every single year. You can change student names, subjects, supplies, and more on labels. You can change the letters on banners, the names on different binders, the list goes on and on. 

classroom decor

2. Find or Create Decor that You Can Just Print & Go. 
There never seems to be enough time for teachers. I've designed over a dozen classroom decor resources that have both editable and non-editable versions included in the set. If you are really short on time, you can just print the premade non-editable resource - this is a great resource for first year teachers. If you like the majority of the premade template, print what you like and change what you don't. 

3. Use BOLD Fonts That Are Easy to Read.
Did I mention teachers are short on time? Oh yes, several times in fact. That is why you do not want waste time confusing students (and yourself!) with delicate, cursive fonts. I know they are pretty but use the bold fonts so you can clearly read what you need.  

4. Choose Themes with Color Schemes that are Complementary.
Do you have complementary colors memorized? Check out this color wheel as a guide.
classroom decor ideas and colors
   In traditional color theory, colors on the opposite sides of the wheel are complementary to each other. Examples include- purple paired with yellow, red paired with green, and blue paired with orange. 
    In my "Apple and Glitter" Decor Set, I have soft mint and peach tones throughout the color scheme. Those colors are basically muted versions of orange and blue, which is why they look so great together!!  

classroom decorating ideas

5. Find or Create Decor that Brings You Happiness (As Well As Your Students!)
 In my opinion, this is the most essential tip of them all. Not only will decorating your room re-energize you for the upcoming school year, it will keep you inspired and joyful throughout your time in the classroom. Did you know the average person will spend 92,120 hours at work in a lifetime? That’s A LOT of hours! Yes, it is important to create a welcoming environment for your students but most importantly, YOU need to feel good about it. Create a balance where you decor feels inviting but not overwhelming or distracting for your students. While creating my classroom decor sets, I put careful consideration and detail into each one.

Here is a list of just a few of my editable classroom decor sets that you might enjoy for the upcoming school year (They are currently on sale until August!): 

                      Can't decide on just one set? Would you like to update your classroom decor year after year? Check out the recently updated Classroom Decor Bundle! It features ALL the editable decor sets above (and more) at a reduced price! 

classroom decor teaching resource

And last but not least, you have a chance to win the Classroom Decor BUNDLE! I'm holding a giveaway for the next two and a half weeks that will end on the first of August! If you cannot wait that long for the results, ALL Classroom Decor Sets (including the bundle) will be ON SALE now until August! Find them here!

classroom decor freebie


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