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Mar 30, 2017

Earth Science - Easy Prep Teaching Ideas!

Hi teacher friends,
Are your elementary students studying Earth Science this year? I've always dreaded trying to hunt down lab supplies and equipment for science activities, but during the last few years I've been able to come up with little-to-no prep activities to teach Earth Science! These hands-on activities allow students to experiment and learn the material much quicker than reading from a textbook! With the right tools and resources, science is engaging and amazing!

BIOME GO Activity
This physical activity is HIGHLY engaging for students. Students find one animal per round. They fill out their “Biomedex”, recording data and answering questions about the animal they have just discovered. When they are done, they will go and hide the biome animal for the next classmate to find. Just tape or glue the animal circles to a popsicle stick so they don't blow away. Biomes include Forest, Desert, Tundra, Tropical Rainforest, and Aquatic (Saltwater). Students give their animals POWER MOVES based on their unique adaptations! In-depth Directions are included. Facts about each animal are also included. Students can identify special adaptations for each animal to help them play the game.

biome activity earth science activity
biomes teaching resource

Find this fun resource here!
Biome Go teaching resource

Identifying Rocks, Minerals, and Gems
This is always a favorite in class! Using the Mohs Scale, students can also determine the hardness of the mineral. They can make predictions by studying their rock (its color, shape/surface, size) and then testing it using the scale.

Rocks Minerals Gems Teaching Resource

Rocks and Minerals Resource
click here to find Rocks, Minerals, and Gems INB

Easy Ocean Zones

You will need plastic water bottles, blue food coloring, & vegetable oil for this science activity. First, fill the bottle half way with water. Add about 10 to 15 drops of food coloring. Use a funnel or squeeze bottle to fill the rest of the bottles with veggie oil. Have students shake it up as hard as they can! (Make sure the lids are on tight!) When the water and oil finally settle, it creates three distinct layers. These layers resemble the three zones: sunlit, twilight, and midnight. (or euphotic, disphotic, and aphotic zones) Students can label their bottles and take the ocean home with them!

Earth Science Interactive PowerPoints

These teaching resources are quite the virtual experience! The Earth Science PowerPoints can be used as powerful classroom presentations or students can click their way through them on individual computers!!

Here is a fast-paced screen capture of an interactive powerpoint in action!
Find more Earth Science Interactive PowerPoints here! 

Earth Science Interactive Notebooks
The units covered within the Earth Science Bundle are: Rock Cycle, Minerals, Plate Tectonics, Volcanoes, Weather, Ecosystems, Earth's Cycles, Photosynthesis, Biomes, Energy
6th grade students love these interactive journals for Earth Science curriculum. This resource contains over 30 pages of interactie learning material!

Do you have any fun Earth Science activities you enjoy doing with your students? Post Below!


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